Is there Intelligent Life on the Earth

Evolution of Intelligence:

Define Relative Intelligence:

What is Intelligence?:

EL Scale

The point of this scale is one of RELATIVE intelligence --> there is nothing absolute about it.

Causes of Mass Extinction (Dinosaurs/Plankton)

Clearly are the result in reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the surface.

Possible Mechanisms of Extinction

What do we know about the last extinction event 65 million years ago?

But we don't know the causal connection between the impact and the extinction cycle but clearly something basically put a halt to photosynthesis for some period of time.

Possibilities for blocking out the sunlight:

When will the next mass extinction event happen? (one of course could argue that its happening now)

Sometime in the next few 10's of millions of years the earth is likely to be hit again but an object 10--100 kilometers in diameter.


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